an introduction to hypertufa safety

So you’re considering getting started with making your very own hypertufa creations? Great! Before you begin, however, there are several safety precautions it is important to consider. These instructions aren’t supposed to scare you off, but it’s crucial for you to follow them to ensure that making hypertufa stays safe and fun experience.
Firstly, and possibly most importantly, gloves are important for each step, regardless if you are mixing the dry ingredients or putting the finishing touches on your own creation. Portland cement contains caustic, which is not skin-friendly and can also result in a painful cement burn should you not protect yourself. The best type of glove to make use of is definitely a strong rubber glove, just like the gloves that you might use to clean the dishes in your house. As these gloves protect the forearms and they are waterproof, they are able to provide sufficient protection.
Secondly, you will have to protect the face, and that is achieved using a pair of safety glasses plus a disposable dust mask. The safety glasses are especially important when adding the water, considering that it will prevent painful flecks of wet hypertufa from entering the eyes. The dust mask is handiest in the mixing phase, because it prevents you from inhaling the Portland cement by mistake.
Thirdly, you don’t need to be fashion conscious when making hypertufa, so like any other gardening project, it is advisable to dress appropriately. Wear daggy clothes which you won’t mind ruining, as mixing hypertufa might get messy! Try to protect as much skin as is practical in order to avoid any accidental exposure to the mixture. Additionally, I highly recommend you don’t ignore the feet. Steer away from flip-flops and choose some sturdy shoes.
Finally, you will have to keep your work space is set up appropriately. Working outdoors is ideal, simply because you will require good ventilation due to the potent smell of the cement. Ensure that you’re utilizing a solid work surface, since the ingredients tend to be heavy, and strive to setup your workspace to minimise any heavy lifting.
Safety might not be the most interesting thing to learn for any budding hypertufa expert, but as with any other outdoors project, it must be taken into consideration. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to have a safe and enjoyable time building your latest hypertufa creation.